Statement of Policy

The Trust’s main concern is furthering education and training of young persons under the age of 21 by making grants:

  1. To individuals who have at any time been in the care of or provided with accommodation by Devon County Council or are in need.
  2. To any person under the age of 21 resident in the County of Devon for further education and training.
  3. To any charitable or voluntary organisation whose objects include the purpose outlined in (1) or (2) above.
  4. Successful applications generally result in the making of a single grant. The Trust is unable to enter into longer term financial commitments.
  5. Grants will not be given to statutory agencies in the performance of their duties.
  6. Grants will be made against detailed accounts where appropriate.
  7. Grants will not be given unless applicants and their sponsors have checked thoroughly that assistance or benefit is not available from the Department of Work and Pensions, or from other public funds.
  8. All individual applications require the support of an independent sponsor or referee, e.g. School Teacher or Social Services
  9. All individual applications need to be made by the parent or guardian of the intended beneficiary with full and accurate details of the applicant’s financial position – both parents/partners, where appropriate – on a consistent monthly or weekly basis.

The Trustees hold meetings every three months at which all applications are considered and decided. If any urgent applications arise between meetings, they are considered by the Chairman and one other trustee, and the decisions reported to the next available Trustee’s meeting.

Grants have been made to provide extra tuition for dyslexic children, to buy a computer for a disabled or handicapped child and to support students at Exeter College.

Grants may also be made to school leavers undertaking a gap year project abroad, especially when those are in support of educational or development schemes.

The annual amount available for grants is about £70,000 depending on the performance of stock exchange investments and the general level of interest rates.

Also grants are made after the completion of the appropriate application forms. Full details are required of the finances of parents or guardians, or of charities and associations when relevant.

All applications need to be supported by an independent sponsor, often a teacher/tutor, but not by anyone who would benefit personally from the awarding of the grant.

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