Examples of grants awarded

The Trust has funded a very wide variety of items to help individuals and organisations.  Here are some examples:

  1. Musical instruments
  2. Course books
  3. Tricycles (Friends of Mill Water School)
  4. Residential trips
  5. Bicycles
  6. Laptops for individual students
  7. Specialist short course fees
  8. Craft Lab (Ellen Tinkham School)
  9. Football goal-posts
  10. Sports area (Friends of the Erme)
  11. Outreach Programme (Children and Families in Grief)
  12. Sensory items
  13. Maths course
  14. Piano lessons
  15. Camera
  16. Drum lessons
  17. Rural skills & Crafts project (Ellen Tinkham School)
  18. Cross Stitch Club (Friends of the Erme Primary School)
  19. Activity Days (Balloons)
  20. Slide and safety works (Bidwell Brook School)
  21. New build (Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education)
  22. Hydrotherapy pool (Ellen Tinkham School)
  23. Swimming course (Cann Bridge School)
  24. Counselling sessions
  25. Playground improvements
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